Your Lexus may be equipped with Bluetooth. In order to use the Bluetooth feature, you must first pair your phone and its contacts with your Lexus vehicle. Before you begin, make sure your vehicle's power is on. Press the menu button in your Lexus vehicle to begin pairing your phone.

The video and instructions below explain how to pair your phone. If you are not sure how to complete these instructions, contact one of our Lexus Technology Specialists via email or phone. They will be more than happy to answer any of your Lexus technology questions.
Select Setup on your screen. Then select Bluetooth in the submenu to the left. Select Yes to add a Bluetooth device. Go to Settings on your phone. Select Bluetooth, then turn Bluetooth on. Select the vehicle name that you would like to pair with. Select Pair on your phone's confirmation screen. Click Allow on your phone to allow the transfer of your contacts from your phone to your Lexus. Click Allow on your phone again, to allow your phone to communicate with Lexus Enform. Click Now on your screen to update Lexus Enform App Suite. Next, select Install. Then, select Continue. Once complete, select OK. Press the menu button to return to the main menu.
If you have any questions, or are in need of assistance with pairing your phone with your Bluetooth, please contact one of our Lexus Technology Specialists via phone or email. They will be more than happy to assist you with all of your Lexus technology needs.